Thursday, 21 February 2008

Holga Portraits

As part of my continuing exploration of Low-Fi photography, I got my hands on a Holga. Here are three consecutive shots from my first roll of film. Click on it to take a closer look!

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

The Viv' now in full technicolour!

My first colour roll from the 'Viv.

The Talented Mr. Robbie

Talented typographer, great graphic designer, awesome taste in music. He's even good at taking pictures too! Is there anything that my brother Robbie Scott hasn't got? I don't know, but you can check out his blog here.

Super Saturated Student Shenanigans

The latest round of photographs from the Students' Union bar and club have gone online. This time I tried to incorporate the classic club portraits with some more interesting 'Nightlife' (see previous post) style crowd images. Take a look at the online gallery and tell me what you think.

It seems that the SU have boosted the saturation on top of my alterations. It's no wonder that they are looking so neon!

Whilst you're at the SU website, take a look at the 'Flirt! 01-02-08' gallery to see how the rugby players initiate each other.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

World Press Photo 2008

The winner of the World Press Photo of the Year 2007 has been announced as Tim Hetherington. Visit the World Press Photo website to see some stunning, moving photography.

Also recommended is the BBC News 'In Pictures' page which features some excellent photojournalism, both contemporary and historical. When looking for inspiration, this is often a good place to start.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

'The Source' February edition hot off the presses.

The February issue of the Students' Union newspaper has been published and you will see my photos on the front cover, on the back cover and in between too! The main event I covered this month was custard wrestling at the SU bar (I'm not kidding...they tried to get me to take part too) so if you're into pudding related sports then pick up a free copy anywhere on campus.

Not only that but I also had two full colour illustrations printed and I even reviewed a play for the newspaper too! Phew. I've already been put on assignment for the March edition so keep an eye on the blog and you'll see the best pics soon.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

First roll from the Viv'

I got the first roll of pictures back from my Vivitar 'Ultra Wide and Slim' plastic camera and here are the best of them, uncropped. The Viv' is essentially a disposable camera that you can reload, and it costs less for the camera than it does to have the film developed! (check out the going rate on eBay). This roll is my first foray into the world of lo-fi photography and makes quite an interesting change from using high-end dSLRs.
From what I see in these prints I think that to get the best results I need to shoot in bright daylight - unfortunately being England in February it will be a while before there's much of that around. I've loaded up a colour film for my next roll and I'll probably be concentrating on portraits next- apologies in advance to my friends and family! Keep an eye out and you will see the results here soon.