Tuesday, 29 January 2008


Recently when i have gone out with friends i have taken a small camera along too. Some tinkering with the options has allowed me to get some really interesting results. I love the multiple exposures, light trails, bright smudges and abstract compositions. Not only are the images fascinating to look at, but they give a great impression of the environment and atmosphere in which they were taken.
These pictures are probably some of the more artistic i have taken, moving away from traditional documentary and into something more experimental. I will continue to keep my camera handy when i venture out to the pub, and when I have a good collection of images I will think about how to present them. It might even be worth seeing if small galleries might want to exhibit them (maybe my imagination is running away with itself?). The main thing is that i have fun taking them!
What do you think? Comments and conversation are welcome!

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Making Ikea Abstract

This month i was asked by The Source newspaper to photograph Ikea for a forthcoming article. Now everyone knows what the Swedish flatpack merchants look like, so i tried to be a little more abstract in my portrayal. I'm quite pleased with the results, I hope that the Editor agrees!

Monday, 21 January 2008

Images Online at Students' Union Website

Every week i head down to the Students' Union bar to do battle with the difficult lighting. The results are published in The Source newspaper and online at the CUSU Web Gallery. (It is worth noting that not all of the photos in the gallery are taken by me, mine generally being in the 'Flirt' albums.) Often it is bread and butter stuff, but every now and then the Editor sends me to something a little unusual. Watch this space...

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Work Featured in Students' Union Annual Report

Late last year i was commissioned by Coventry University Students' Union to take portraits of prominent members of the SU. Those portraits, as well as some of my sports and events images, have been published in the CUSU annual report. It's great to see my work in print. Many thanks to Emma and Steve at the SU!

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

New Year, New Cameras

Over the Christmas holidays i have been inspired by photographers like Nic Nichols and my colleague Ed Ryder to explore the world of low-fi photography. Returning to film and using old equipment will hopefully lead to some interesting, unpredictable results.
I was given an old soviet Zenit-E by my housemate Amy, bought a Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim from eBay (check out the flickr group) and, most excitingly, found my Grandfather's Kodak No.1 Junior Pocket camera buried in a drawer in my house.
After doing a little online research it turns out that this Kodak camera is at least 75 years old! Mike Butkus has an extensive online archive of vintage camera instruction manuals which was very helpful. Unfortunately the bellows have worn out at the corners, so before i use it i will have to do some extensive tape repairs (if you look in the picture you may be able to see where i have started taping) but as far as i can tell the shutter is still functioning perfectly. It takes medium format film, which will be a first for me also.
So all in all an exciting photographic start to the year, I can't wait to get out and start taking pictures! When i get my first rolls back i will be sure to post the best of them here.